Forever Bogus Podcast [01.02]

Call up the gang cause its the second installment of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where We Have Nostalgia on Tap!

In today’s adventure my special guest Zach Sauls and I get into a “heated” discussion about our all time favorite television show of the 90’s, The Adventures of Pete and Pete. You will get a chance to hear the history of the show, our favorite characters, most relatable characters, POLARIS, our top 5 all time favorite episodes, and much more. You will also hear the wonderful sounds of us making some delicious homemade pizzas along the way! So grab a bottle of Kreben Up, your Krebstar 2000 Radio, and tune in because this is an episode that any Pete and Pete fan will love. 

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Show Notes:
Polaris [band] history and discography
Radio DJ [radio transmitter toy]
The Adventures of Danny and Mike Podcast!
– Danny Tamberelli’s band Jounce

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Home Improvement


Invader Zim

The Muppet Show

Freddy’s Nightmares

Tales from the Darkside

Trick r Treat

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Forever Bogus Podcast [01.01]

Grab some Squeeze It, Dunkaroos, 3D Doritos, and tune in because the wait is finally over! Welcome to the very first episode of the Forever Bogus Podcast, “Where We Have Nostalgia on Tap.”

In this episode my guest Eli LaFollette and I discuss our thoughts on the peak of interest in VHS, our fondest memories of rental stores, flashback to the beginning of our collections, and talk about what the future holds for VHS. Join us while we take a deeper look and review some tapes from our collections as part of our “One and Done” segment; including Quest for the Monkey God (1991 | Jeff Stollhand) and Star Time (1992 | Alexander Cassini). Also find out what non-horror movies scared the bejeebers out of us as kids and much, much more!

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Show Notes:

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